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4 Simple Pedicure Tips At Home That Should Not Be Missed

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If you want to have beautiful nails and smooth skin, wash your feet every day. And if you take some time to massage your foot skin to achieve the best effect. This will remove dirt and bacteria.

Next, after cleaning the feet, trim the dull toenails, helping the new nails grow stronger. The way to make your feet stand out is to paint your nails. Many nail polishes have a nourishing effect, but most water has a toxic function that makes your nails easy to yellow, so don't paint too often but give your toenails time to "rest". rest".

And finally, many of you focus on taking care of your face and body but forget to moisturize your feet, use specialized cosmetics to moisturize and massage your toenails. Avoid using cosmetics of unknown origin that can affect your toenails.

To have a perfect body from head to toe, you should create a habit of taking care of yourself properly. In addition to the basic care steps, eating is also very important to your skin and physique. Especially for those of you who want to own a slim waist, you need to apply a weight loss menu.

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